Our Response to COVID-19

Meenaben (Gujarat) continues to encourage the women in her community to participate in our women empowerment project

Meenaben is a small, quiet woman who lives on the edge of the village with her husband and mother in law. Her strength of character, cheerfulness, and kind personality have made her a leader in her Gujarat community. Whenever out team visits, she hosts us next door, cooks meals, and connects us to the village women. When we began sanitation efforts in Nani Borwai, Meenaben volunteered immediately, and many women came along just because she was there. Meenaben continues to encourage the other women in her community to participate in our women empowerment projects. She has hosted hand washing workshops in her home for the village children, campaigns to end open defecation and encourages villagers to adopt their new toilets. Through her example, many are following suit towards embracing positive changes to health and sanitation. She is trying to seek government support through the Swachh Bharat Campaign to convert her toilet into a biogas generator to power her kitchen. This toilet system would turn waste into energy. She would be the first family in her village to have such an advanced, environmentally friendly system. #sustainability #swachhbharat #womenempowerment #lifeskills #santiation #biogas #ecotoilet