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Session on Designing Effective Questions for Assessment

Resource Person: Mansee Sawant

Venue: Ammachi Labs

Date: 03/05/2017

Attendees: Ajay Balakrishnan, Arati B, Jayakumar, Vishnu Vinod, Anila Suresh

Workshop Introduction: 

The workshop will introduce participants to some of the techniques to create effective questions for assessments and evaluations.


The primary objective of the session is to train participants to design effective questions for assessments. The session mainly focusses on the 9 steps to creating effective multiple choice questions for assessments. The session will also show how to undertake quality checks to ensure that the questions are effective and serve the objective.


The participants learned the following 9 steps to designing effective questions:

  • Pinpoint the Purpose for Developing questions
  • Determine the Standard(s) to Which the Item Should Align.
  • Identify the Appropriate Structure for the Item.
  • Target the item to your state’s Achievement Level Descriptors.
  • Create Strategic Multiple-Choice Items.
  • Eliminate Barriers for Students.
  • Include all Necessary Supports for Generating a Response.
  • Use Engaging Material.
  • Make Sure the Students’ Responses will provide the right kind of Information.


After attending the session, participants will apply the techniques they have learned in designing effective questions for the courses they develop.

Mansee Sawant taking a session on how to make effective questions for assessments and evaluations