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Health&Sanitation Committee Intervention @ Bihar village

Solving health and sanitation issues are steps towards solving poverty. The all women Health and Sanitation committee have been actively seeking ways to improve sanitation in their communities. They recently visited the a school in Hadiabad, Bihar in order to survey sanitation practices and make assessments.. Upon touring the premises, they identified that the toilets were permanently closed for some reason and were unused. Such issues contribute to the problem of open defecation in India. The team directed the Head Master to open the toilets for the students and sent a strong message to the administration about the importance and maintenance of toilets. Sanitation awareness was also given to the students and other staff. From that day. the toilets became operational and were used. A similar committee of men and women is being formed at Ratanpur Village as well. A door to door campaign to end open defecation is also underway. Simple changes can go a long way to ending open defecation in India. #ODF #womenempowerment #santiation