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The Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) in Hadiabad and Ratanpur, Bihar

The Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) policy in #Bihar states that until each household in the has a toilet Government will not release funds. This policy promotes an Open Defecation Free community (#ODF), yet poses many challenges too as it’s a tall order to achieve in rural areas. To address these issues and to enhance community participation, AMMACHI Labs has mobilized a group of women to form a ‘Health & Sanitation’ committee of 12 members at Hadiabad Village. The group collaborates and drives behavioral changes for a cleaner and healthier environment while promoting proper sanitation and hygiene practices to encourage people in toilet building.

A significant meeting with the Block Development Officer (BDO) Shri. Rajiv Kumar took place to better understand the project plan for ODF. The block officials at district & local levels inspected the community toilets we built last year for the Mushar community, in Ratanpur Village. The very next day, a town hall meeting took place and drew a large gathering presided by the District Development Commissioner (DDC) and other key officials. Then, it was officially declared that Swachh Bharat Mission would be initiated at these villages in Bihar. This is a significant step toward’s India’s vision of the #swachhbharat campaign. #womenempowerment #sanitation #ODFIndia