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Dr. Bhavani Rao gives Keynote at The Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization Virtual Conference

Dr. Bhavani Rao gave a Keynote address on the topic of “Sustainable and Inclusive Global Learning” at The Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization Virtual Conference on November 17th, 2022.

She spoke about Amrita’s unique approach to addressing social issues in rural India that is rooted in Chancellor Amma’s mission of offering education for living and education for life. At Amrita, technical education is combined with education on life and life skills.

Dr. Bhavani Rao’s virtual Keynote

“Our approach to bridging inequality is through fostering mutual respect and compassion,” said Dr. Rao. “When our students go to the villages they see the day to day lives and struggles of people. The students and the communities then learn from one another.”

She reiterated that the inner resilience of communities will unfold when you meet people where they are at. Give, learn grow with them.

“Sure, travel is a huge component of learning,” said Dr. Rao. “At Amrita, our travel is not limited to the Universities of the West— the Harvards and Yales— but to the Universities of life, into our villages. Is it sustainable? I sure think so.” 

Shaheen Nanji, Executive Director SFU International, Simon Fraser University, Canada moderated the session. York University hosted the 2nd edition of the Sustainable on the Go (SOTG 2022), and co-organized by York International, the UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Education towards Sustainability, and international partners.

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