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Summit Explores Ethical Challenges in AI-Powered Knowledge Society

May 9-10, 2024 -Bangkok, Thailand – The recent “Social Science Funding and Collaboration in the Indo-Pacific: Regional Summit” hosted by the Association of Asian Social Science Research Councils (#AASSREC) in partnership with UNESCO brought together leading minds to delve into pressing issues at the intersection of ethics, technology, and social sciences.

Among the distinguished panelists at the summit, Dr. Bhavani Rao stood out for her insightful address on May 9th. The session, titled “Funding Social Science Research in the Indo-Pacific: A Focus on Ethics & AI,” provided a platform to discuss the ethical implications of AI in today’s knowledge society.

Dr. Rao’s presentation, titled “Guardians of Data: Ethical Considerations for Data Handling in an AI-Powered Knowledge Society,” offered a nuanced examination of the challenges and potential solutions in managing data ethically within AI-driven frameworks. Drawing from her experiences and research at Amrita University, 

Dr. Rao highlighted the importance of ethical guidelines, particularly at the grassroots level, to navigate the complexities of AI integration in social sciences.The summit, held on May 9th and 10th in Bangkok, facilitated robust discussions among experts, scholars, and policymakers from the Indo-Pacific region. Themes explored ranged from funding mechanisms for social science research to the ethical dilemmas posed by rapid advancements in AI technology.