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Team building workshop with Manisha Lewis

Dates: Feb 29th 2016 till March 3rd 2016

Workshop Introduction: Working in a Global culture of the digital age, where new job roles are created every day, technical skills are not enough to maximize the Lab members’ potential. It is increasingly becoming a necessity to regularly update one’s skills. Seeing this as our responsibility to help staff members upgrade their skills, we conducted a few trainings in various areas ranging from employability skills to photoshop workshops.

A part of Ammachi labs R&D trainings, a Team building workshop was held by consultant/coach/corporate trainer, Maisha Lewis. At Ammachi Labs, we  are of the view that the success of a company lies in the collective efforts made by the team. The team building workshop was conducted to enhance positive work culture, the foundation of which is resting on trust and collaboration. The workshop included various participatory activities focussing on collaboration and encouraging an environment of open communication across all management levels. The participants were encouraged to identify each others strengths and loosen barriers.

Objective: To implement employability skills trainings for Ammachilabs staff members

Outcome: The workshop led to improved interpersonal communications between Lab members. The participants were seen boosting each other up. The workshop urged the participants to become self-aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. The importance and benefits of collaboration were also highlighted.

Conclusion: The workshop inspired the participants towards positive professional relations. Thus, enhancing the participant’s motivation and engagement.