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World Bank specialists and an Odisha State Disaster Management team visit AL

January 12, 2024 – Ms. Sheena Arora, Disaster risk management specialist, World Bank; Mr. Anup Karanth, Senior Disaster risk management specialist, World Bank; Mr. Sarthak Sourav Mohapatra, Deputy General Manager, Odisha State Disaster Mgmt; Dr Rakesh Ranjan Thakur, GIS professional, Odisha state disaster Mgmt; and Mr. Jayajagat Sahu, Deputy General Manager (IT), Odisha state disaster Mgmt, visited Ammachi Labs.

They were presented with a comprehensive overview, detailing our vision, goals, and ongoing projects at AMMACHI Labs and CWEGE, and had the opportunity to witness live demonstrations showcasing our cutting-edge technologies, such as the Haptic Simulator for Bar Bending.

They showed interest in learning about projects in Odisha, and details on the WADI project were presented along with a demo on ElephantWatch: AI-Enhanced Early Alert System, a proof of concept developed at Ammachi Labs to detect the movements of elephants. As they left, they expressed deep appreciation for all the projects and their significant impact on society, and how we were taking technologies into the field to solve real-world problems.