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Empowering Coastal Women: Seaweed Cultivation Training Initiative

March 7th, 2024, students from the AMMACHI Labs were engaged in tying seedling ropes as part of their training in seaweed cultivation in the coastal village of Thirupalaikudi. This initiative is significant as it provides vocational training specifically targeted towards coastal women.
The training program not only focuses on imparting skills in seaweed cultivation but also includes business classes and support mechanisms to empower these women to leverage their newly acquired skills for economic gain. By teaching them how to effectively market their produce and providing guidance on building seaweed-related businesses, the project aims to create sustainable income opportunities for the participants.
This joint initiative by Mata Amritanandamayi Math and Amrita University, supported by the Transworld Group and research experts in marine ecosystems, underscores the collaborative effort towards women’s empowerment, rural development, and sustainable economic growth in coastal communities. The income generated from these initiatives is expected to contribute to the financial stability of families, improve the overall quality of life, and foster the development of the village as a whole.