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Fostering Collaboration in Software Sustainability and Ethical Information Systems: Prof. Emitza Guzman Ortega’s Visit to AMMACHI Lab

March 6, 2024, Prof. Emitza Guzman Ortega, a renowned academic holding multiple positions at VU Amsterdam in the Netherlands, visited the Skill Intelligence Lab at AMMACHI Lab as a research collaborator. Prof. Ortega’s expertise spans across Assistant Professor roles in the Faculty of Science, Software and Sustainability (S2), the Network Institute, and Information Management & Software Engineering.

Prof. Ortega’s research primarily delves into two crucial domains: Software Sustainability and Social Ethics and Privacy in Information Systems. In the arena of Software Sustainability, her investigations likely focus on devising strategies for the environmentally conscious development and maintenance of software systems, emphasizing resource efficiency and long-term environmental impact mitigation. Moreover, within the realm of Social Ethics and Privacy in Information Systems, Prof. Ortega is likely engaged in dissecting ethical dilemmas and privacy concerns stemming from information system utilization, especially within the intricate interplay of societal norms and individual rights.

The visit underscores a burgeoning collaboration between AMMACHI Lab and Prof. Ortega, hinting at the potential exchange of knowledge, ideas, and resources germane to their respective research interests. Such interdisciplinary partnerships are emblematic of academia’s collaborative ethos, wherein experts from diverse backgrounds converge to tackle multifaceted challenges and propel scientific advancement.